Young naive wizard, snatched early from his training and thrust into slavery. Now trying to find his place.


Bradis Gambold was taken from his family at a very young age to be raised and trained by the wizard Tumen. Showing an aptitude for frost magic, and an insatiable curiosity, he learned his lessons well. He was gathering residuum for Tumen 5 years ago, and he was captured, taken as a slave to mine residuum, toiling for the Efreet.

Having escaped with a stolen Efreet spellbook, with the help of the goblin scavenger Hrung and Samson, who has strange magic of his own. They set out across the wastes of the Slaughtervale searching for some solace.

After slipping into the Shadowfell, travelling through the Feywild, and joining up with the gnome Odd Whispan and the duregar Grimshenko, he has returned to the ‘vale. They made their way to the Kaivu settlement, where the reaction of the settlement’s elders was very curious indeed.

They are currently operating out of Kaivu, exploring what was thought to be abandoned ruins, lead by Ark Grecius. What they found was something very different. A huge underground facility, possibly mining residuum, possibly merely using it to fuel some device of unknown purpose. Bradis must find out what is the purpose of this device, a purpose that may tie into the very nature of the Slaughtervale.


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