Fortress City: Population 20,000 (40,000 slave population)

Harzushad is a city of cruel contrasts. The Efreet who rule (and to a lesser extent the Genasi that serve them) enjoy great extravagances and want for little. Their slaves live short lifes of unceasing toil and brutality. Harzushad sits on top of a great store of residuum, and its slaves are made with lash and other torches to dig for every ounce of the magical essence.

The brazes, or houses of the efreet have grown prosperous, but face many dangers from without as well as within. Rumors of a war with the south stir, and discontent amongst the rival brazes is a constant threat. There have even been rumors of a secretive slave resistance movement that seeks to rise up from under the fiery heels of the efreet.

Grist for the Mill



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