The Ash

The Ash isn't a place you'd visit willingly. Barren around the edges, and molten at its heart, the Ash sits on top of a core of elemental fire. Deposited by the Storm, the primordial flames brought with them efreets referring to themselves as the sojanni, or "the exiled". The sojanni quickly moved to establish dominance in the area, claiming or enslaving newborn genasi and reaping other survivors and putting them into service. Over the course of a decade, the city of Harzushad was built, with Brasshome following a century later, when new residuum deposits were found to the north.

Harnessing the residuum underneath the earth is key to the bulk of the efreet's ambitions. With enough stored magic and the right ritual, the efreet believe they can return the vale back into the world from which it was ripped by the Great Storm. Once the Slaughtervale is linked backed to its world, the efreet will take their army of slaves and siege artifacts and overthrow the rulers of the City of Brass. They bombard The Sky Realms with their magical siege cannons, send patrols to look for more slaves, and have a long-standing rivalry with the frost giants who rule Icevane. From the Lord Radumanshal's palace in Harzushad, he directs any number of plots against those who inhabit the vale. Radumanshal respects only one race: the drow. The rulers of the Grey possess a thirst for power equal to his own, and a power equal to or (he fears) greater than his own. Though cut off from Lolth's power and influence, they have adapted well and have risen from the Underdark to the surface. Lord Radumanshal keeps cordial relations with the drow, trading his vast stores of residuum for free use of the Demon Road and fresh shipments of slaves. Both sojanni and drow know that one day control of the vale will lead to a conflict. Both parties delay this day, as it is inconvenient at this moment to do battle.

A Hostile Place

Any traveller encountering the efreet must take care or they will be put to work in the residuum mines around either of the sojanni cities. If lucky, the caught traveller might be serve an efreet lord personally. This is assuming one even survives the harsh, inhospitable environment.

The Ash derives its name from the dirt and soot that perpetually hangs in the air. Without prepared scarves called toobis, wanderers in the Ash can find themselves at best afflicted with ash rot or worst, dead, lungs filled with volcanic ash and dirt. Other dangers present themselves.

Throughout the region are regions where the ground cracks open and unfortunates find themselves in lava drifts. Wild hellhounds roam the realm in packs seeking sustenance of flame and flesh, as do flamerock elementals. Few people live in the Ash who have not been captured by the sojanni and pressed into service. Anyone escaping from Harzushad or Brasshome moves to the Grey or seeks refuge in the Sunken Colonies. Still, brave and foolish treasure seekers traverse the Ash to reach The Northern Peaks the mountain ranges encircling Lord Radumanshal's domain.

The Ash

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